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Expert, award winning, patient and thoughtful kitchen design services ranging from hourly consulting to complete kitchen design and product procurement services. And then there is our other passion - original, handwoven artisanal vintage & new Swedish rugs

"The kitchen is the place where all five senses reside"   -Susan Serra, CKD



Find out about our experience, creative approach, our methods, and the many options we have to fit your design needs.

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Consulting Services

Kitchen design consulting services as a quick double check of your plan, to create preliminary designs for you or any combination of services gives you exactly what you need to fill the gap.


We travel to Sweden, sort through hundreds of rugs one by one, select the best ones, and dive into a crayfish dinner with friends!

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Susan has years of experience and expertise on kitchen design. A brand consultant, speaker, editorial contributor and interviewee, contact Susan for your industry needs.