Bornholm Kitchen


Bornholm Kitchen, our own brand of cabinetry, is inspired by the clean lines and artistry of Scandinavian design. It's a warmly modern point of view.


Handcrafted by artisans on the bench, in a state of the art factory in Pennsylvania, Bornholm Kitchen is a fully custom collection of furniture for the kitchen as well as for other rooms in the home. 

The Social Kitchen

A strong advocate for the value of the social kitchen, Bornholm Kitchen works perfectly within the social context.

Bornholm Kitchen presents a seamless transition due to its aesthetic foundation, between the kitchen and surrounding rooms. It is less a utilitarian aesthetic than a furniture aesthetic but with no less function designed into its form.

Its aesthetic is adaptable to multiple styles - whether traditional, such as the wonderful English country look, minimalist modern, country farmhouse or urban/industrial loft look, Bornholm Kitchen speaks the language of the interiors it lives within. Bornholm Kitchen is fully customizable to your lifestyle needs in finishes, wood species, and configuration.

The Healthy Kitchen

Being both aware of and concerned with how to design a healthy kitchen, Bornholm Kitchen is a strong partner in achieving this goal. 

We exclusively use an oil finish, available in many naturally colored tints and shades. This finish is extremely rare to find in kitchen cabinetry. Our finish allows the owner to easily renew the finish to its new state as desired - immediately upon an accidental scratch, or days, weeks, years down the road for a complete renewal just by sanding and reapplication of oil. Thus, Bornholm Kitchen redefines durability and long lasting good looks.

Our hand grips and tall toekick addresses universal design issues via designed-in super function and easy access.

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